Jeff was the president of the Yell and Tell Foundation. He traveled with Jean speaking and teaching Yell and Tell for 5 years. He was the retired police chief from Elm Grove, Wisconsin and came to Yell and Tell because of his passion to teach children how to react if they see something dangerous. He was pleased when other police departments, hospitals and service clubs became involved. Jeff would go with Jean to schools, churches and other youth gatherings and teach Yell and Tell.

One time he even put on the Squawk Yell and Tell mascot costume for his Harley-Davidson HOG chapter. He attended many Hero award ceremonies where one or more children would be honored for using Yell and Tell to save a life. He always would say,
“Yell and Tell is teaching children a character skill that will stay with them their whole lives.” This skill is: If you see something dangerous or someone in trouble it is ok to be scared, but then YOU need to take action by yelling HELP and TELLIING someone right away.”