Testimonials about the success of the Yell and Tell safety program

People from across the country have sent in their stories about the success they’ve had with the Yell and Tell program. Listed below are some of their comments.

Yell and Tell Introduction

Hear a principal and guidance counselor speak on the benefits of the Yell and Tell program

Hear a teacher speak on the benefits of the Yell and Tell program

Wauwatosa Common Council recognizing Yell and Tell Heroes from their community featuring the mayor

“Yell and Tell is an extraordinary program. It’s the only one in the country that focuses on showing children what to do if they find themselves observing a dangerous situation. These children learn to be proactive by yelling “Help” as loud as they can and telling the first big person they see.”
Jill Didier, Mayor of Wauwatosa, WI
“The Yell and Tell program is exciting, interactive and visually attractive to young children. This helps them to learn the four steps quickly so they know what to do if they see something dangerous. We feel it fits our mission of helping to protect children.”
Bob Reinhardt, Kiwanis Club
“I can’t tell you how incredibly proud and happy I am as a Kindergarten teacher to just learn that one of my students used what she learned in our Yell & Tell lessons to tell her mom about a fire in the house and is now a featured hero on your site. I can’t stop crying as I think about what could have happened and also from the pure joy of knowing that the lessons had a real effect on my student. As a teacher I very rarely get this type of feedback on the effectiveness or impact of my lessons. It also touched me deeply to hear that Jean Davidson visited Victoria’s house to congratulate her personally. Thank you so much for your program.”
M. Larsson, Waukesha, WI
“Our four year old daughter and 6 year old son learned the Yell and Tell program quickly. The nice part about the program is that they remember it and want to share it with others. We hear them singing the Yell and Tell song. Whenever they see something that could be dangerous, they tell us that they would know what to do. They understand how they could use Yell and Tell to save lives. This is a wonderful safety awareness program. We hope children everywhere will use Yell and Tell if they find themselves observing a dangerous situation.”
William and Tique Oeflein, Cleveland, Ohio
“The Yell and Tell program is a wonderful safety program developed to help all younger children realize they can be a real life hero and make the ending to a possible tragic event have a happy ending. The program teaches the children they can make a difference in another person’s life and that saving another person’s life is more important than being afraid to tell about how someone ended up in a troubling situation to begin with. Most importantly, it teaches children to care about one another, to become involved when they see a dangerous situation by yelling for help, and to be a conscientious person as they grow up.”
Kay Lorenzen, Wauwatosa PTA Council President
“Just knowing that our 4 year old granddaughter and all her little friends have learned Yell and Tell is a tremendous relief to us. We think it is the most excellent guidance for young children that has ever taken form. Kids want and need to be responsible and Yell and Tell educates them, on their level, how to save friends’ lives without fear of getting into trouble.”
Brian and Barbara Scherff, San Antonio, TX