Learn More – Jr. Safety Trainer Program

For young adults who would like to teach younger children the Yell and Tell Safety program.
Students need to meet the following criteria taken from the Yell and Tell Resource Manual:

  • Be 5th grade or older
  • Have learned the Yell and Tell Program
  • Have learned the Yell and Tell Song
  • Have passed the Jr. Yell and Tell Safety Trainer test
  • Are familiar with the Yell and Tell website – www.yellandtell.com

They then will receive a “Squawk Seal of Approval ID card” and will be ready to teach younger children. Cards need to be ordered from the Yell and Tell Store.

Junior Safety Trainer ID Card

Responsibilities of the Junior
Yell and Tell Safety Trainer:

  • Teach younger children the Yell and Tell Safety program
  • Work with an adult who will help set up programs and keep records of the number of children who receive the program
  • With the supervising adult, award Yell and Tell Hero certificates and Hero t-shirts to children who have used Yell and Tell when they observed a dangerous situation

Some of the many young groups
this program could be for:

  • Girl and Boy Scouts
  • Babysitters
  • Camp Counselors
  • 4-H Youth Leaders
  • Boys and Girls Club leaders
  • Kiwanis Key Clubs
  • Circle K Clubs
  • Youth Service Clubs
  • YMCA Youth Leaders
  • Church Youth Leaders
  • Many others