How you can help; Donate and volunteer to help spread Yell and Tell’s safety lessons

Help Save More Lives

Every financial gift helps us bring the Yell and Tell Safety program to children throughout the world. All donations are appreciated, both large and small.

  • For just $100, 100 children will receive the basic Yell and Tell teaching kit. For just $150, 100 children will receive the premium Yell and Tell teaching kit. Either way, 100 children will learn to Yell Help and Tell a big person if they observe a dangerous situation. In many cases, this will save a life.
  • Specific Requests: If you wish your donation to reach a specific group of children, please let us know.

The Davidson Yell and Tell Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) charitable foundation. All financial donations are tax deductible.


The Yell and Tell Foundation (501(c)3) is able to teach its program due to generous sponsors and partners. Yell and Tell is entirely funded by individuals, small groups, and companies. All funding goes directly to the teaching of the program. Yell and Tell has no paid employees.


Yell and Tell’s vision is to teach children throughout the world to yell if they see something dangerous, and tell a big person right away. To achieve this vision, Yell and Tell needs your help.


If you and your company would like to support the Yell and Tell Foundation, please contact Jean Davidson at (414) 771-9191 or

In kind donations are critical to the success of the Yell and Tell program. Here are some ways you can make a difference:

  • FUNDRAISER: A fundraiser organizes a fundraising event to bring Yell and Tell to the children of their community.
  • AMBASSADOR: As an ambassador, this person has the following responsibilities:
    1. Promotion and marketing
    2. Arranging teaching opportunities
    3. Building ongoing relationships
  • JUNIOR YELL AND TELL SAFETY TRAINER: A young person who learns the Yell and Tell Safety program, passes a test and becomes qualified to teach younger children the Safety program.
  • FACILITATOR: This person teaches children the Yell and Tell program.
  • PRO BONO PROFESSIONAL SERVICES: This person donates their professional skills at no cost to the Yell and Tell Foundation.