Project Description

Yell and Tell Heroes – Fire

Jean and Victoria

Victoria is a 6 year old girl who took action. Her mother wrote: “Victoria just learned about your Yell & Tell program at school. She brought home the program materials & we read through them as a family. Grandpa from TX is visiting our family this summer and last night we had a bonfire. Someone spilled a drink & Victoria ran in the house to get some paper towels. On the counter, there was a small candle burning. As Victoria was trying to reach for a paper towel, it caught on fire! Without hesitating, Victoria ran to the door & yelled for mom to come inside quick! As I walked to the door, I could see flames from the kitchen window. I ran into the house and saw the whole paper towel roll on fire!! (The burning roll was right under the kitchen cabinets which would not have been good) Victoria was in tears as she was terrified! Needless to say, the fire was caught just in time and technically saved our house and everything we own. It took a while to calm Victoria down but she truly is our own little Yell & Tell HERO! We cannot be more proud of her and what she learned. Thank you SO MUCH for teaching these valuable lessons to our children, our future.”
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