Yell and Tell at the Library

Take a look at Yell and Tell read by Ms. Lori at the Oostburg Public Library!

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Marcus Theater Spot

View a fifteen second animation shown in Marcus Theaters promoting Yell and Tell

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YELL and TELL Super Hero Award goes to Jeffery Haig

Jeff was the president of the Yell and Tell Foundation. He traveled with Jean speaking and teaching Yell and Tell for 5 years. He was the retired police chief from Elm Grove, Wisconsin and came to Yell and Tell because of his passion to teach children how to react if they see something dangerous. He was pleased when other police departments, hospitals and service clubs became involved. Jeff would go with Jean to schools, churches and other youth gatherings and teach Yell and Tell. One time he even put on the Squawk Yell and Tell mascot costume for his Harley-Davidson HOG chapter. He attended many Hero award ceremonies where one or more children would be honored for using Yell and Tell to save a life. He always would say, “Yell and Tell is teaching children a character skill that will stay with them their whole lives.” [...]

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Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement playing at all Marcus Theatre lobbies in 7 states and also on Milwaukee public television. The PSA demonstrates the water safety program and is designed to teach young children to yell and tell when seeing a dangerous situation.

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TMJ4 – Morning Blend

A talk show in Milwaukee, Wisconsin interviews Jean Davidson (Founder and Executive Director of the Yell and Tell Foundation) and Jeff Haig (President of the Foundation) in a 6 minute special.

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Yell and Tell teaches Poison Safety

Public Service Announcement demonstrating the poison safety program. Designed to teach young children to yell and tell when seeing a dangerous situation.

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Fox 6 News Release

Milwaukee Fire Department is partnering with Yell and Tell to bring Yell and Tell to the children in the Milwaukee school system. – 2 min.

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Waukesha, Wisconsin School Board Meeting

Waukesha, Wisconsin School Board Meeting celebrating the implementation of teaching Yell and Tell in all their schools and recognizing two children who used what they learned in school to save another’s life. 21 min.

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CBS 58 Nightly News

CBS 58 nightly news – Honoring two Yell and Tell Heroes who saved many lives by Yelling and Telling when witnessing a shooting in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. 2 min.

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WTMJ follow up – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Carol Meekins Special Assignment – A follow up interview with Jean Davidson on how the Yell and Tell program is saving lives all over the country. 3 min.

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